Innovyze License Administrator ILA

The View Historical Usage Information option allows usage information of each product and its features, from a given entitlement, to be displayed.

Some of the following options can take some time to perform, depending on the speed, size and the amount of usage information to retrieve.

To show usage information:

  1. Run the Innovyze® License Administrator (ILA) from your product group in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Select View Historical Usage Information and click Next.
  3. Add the Entitlement ID (EID) to the list of entitlements that the usage data should be viewed for.
  4. Select a valid start and end date that the usage data should be generated for.
  5. Click the Refresh button to update the usage information.

To add an entitlement

  1. Enter the EID in the entitlement entry field.
  2. Click the "+"  button to add it to the list of available EIDs.


Innovyze License Administrator version 1.14 will remember the EIDs added to the list.

To remove an entitlement 

  1. Select the EID of the entitlement that should be removed from the drop-down entitlement list.
  2. Click the "-" button to remove it from the list of available EIDs.

Feature Stats tab

This tab displays the following feature usage information:

  • Product Name - Displays the name of the product and the type of license subscription for that EID.
  • Number of Licenses - Seats for a floating license the entitlement contains.
  • Peak Login Count -Maximum number of seats that have been in use during the time period at the same time.
  • Total Login Count - Total number of times that a feature has been started (logged into).  Please note that this includes the case where a user starts multiple copies of the program on the same machine, e.g. if a user starts the program three times on the same machine this will add three to the login count.

User Stats tab

This tab displays the following user usage information:

  • Total time a user has been using a feature within the program.
  • Total time a feature has been used by all users.
  • Total time the program has been used by all users.