Innovyze License Administrator ILA

The View Available and Unavailable Licenses option allows the contents of a given license to be viewed with regard to the number of licenses (seats for a floating license), the expiry date of a license and who is using the licenses.

Some of the following options can take some time to perform, depending on the speed, size and the number of license managers within the network.

See the following sections for more details:

To show license details

  1. Run the Innovyze® License Administrator (ILA) from your product group in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Select View Available and Unavailable Licenses and click Next.
  3. Select the server machine (or Local for the machine that the ILA is running on) to view the license details available on that server (or local machine). The details of the selected license are displayed (including their expiry date and the number of licenses (seats) available if it is a network license).

To refresh the license servers

Click the Refresh button to update the list of available servers within the network.

To add a user defined server

  1. If the ILA is unable to automatically locate the server where a network license is hosted, it can be manually added by entering its host name or IP address.
  2. Click the Add button to include it in the list of servers to search for licenses.

To remove a user defined server

  1. Select the user-defined server in the list of servers.
  2. Click the Remove button to delete the server from the list of servers to search for licenses.

To automatically update available licenses

Check the Auto Refresh check box to allow the ILA to update the licenses in use at a regular interval (every five seconds).

To show aggregated license details

Multiple entitlements (licenses) can be installed on to the same server and combined where they have the same features. The details displayed for an aggregated license include:

  • number of licenses (seats) on a floating license installed
  • expiry date of the license
  • entitlement ID that the license relates to

To view aggregated license details:

  1. Select the floating license server that hosts the aggregated license.
  2. Hover over the available feature with the mouse and a tooltip will appear with the aggregated details.