Innovyze License Administrator ILA

After installing the Innovyze License Administrator (ILA), the "Sentinel Cloud Plugin For innovyzeltd" is not installed and started.  This has the affect that floating licenses will not be available/updated whilst this service is not running on the license server.

This can happen if the ILA has not been installed onto the machine previously or the service was installed from the ILA installation folder.  In earlier versions of the ILA (1.8 and earlier) the service was installed to the %ProgramData%\Innovyze\Licensing folder, it is now installed the same folder as the ILA.

Workaround #1

  1. Run the ILA with full admin rights to the local machine.
  2. Apply the floating Entitlement ID (EID), this will install and run the cloud service as expected.

The ILA will show a message to say that the EID has already been configured if it (the EID) has been installed previously.

Workaround #2

  1. Open an elevated command prompt (with full rights to the local machine).
  2. Change directory to the install folder of the ILA (e.g. C:\Program Files\Innovyze\Innovyze License Administrator 1.11)
  3. Run the following command (to install and start the service):
    sntlcloudps_innovyzeltd.exe -is
  4. Note, if the service appears to already be installed then it is possible to run the following commands to remove it (a restart may be required before trying to install the service again as per step 3):
    sntlcloudps_innovyzeltd.exe -stop
    sntlcloudps_innovyzeltd.exe -remove