Innovyze License Administrator ILA

When more than one vendor (third party) are using the Thales RMS licensing system on the same licensing server then there is a known issue where the multiple vendor licenses will overwrite each other.  This can lead to one or more products not being able to be licensed.

Workaround #1

Contact each vendor to see if they have an updated licensing component, they need to be using Thales Licensing version 9.8.1 or above. 

Installing version 1.10 or above of the ILA will install Thales Licensing version 9.8.1 which allows multiple vendors on the same license server to interact (as long as all other vendors are running Thales Licensing 9.8.1 or above).

Workaround #2

Install the ILA on a server which does NOT have any other vendor's Thales RMS licensing on it.

How to check the version of the Sentinel RMS License Manager

On the server where the Sentinel RMS License Manager is installed follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the services control panel (services.msc)

  2. Select the "Sentinel RMS License Manager" service, right-click on it and open the properties dialog.

  3. Locate the "Path to executable" (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Thales\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT\), and open the this folder in Windows Explorer.
  4. Right click on the executable listed (lservnt.exe) above, open the properties dialog and finally select the details tab.

  5. Check that the file version displayed is 9.8.1 or greater.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any other vendor specific Thales license manager(s).