Innovyze License Administrator ILA

Error Text or Warning


Entitlement Already Configured

The Entitlement ID (EID) was activated on another machine and cannot be activated again.  Please contact Innovyze support to revoke the license before it can be reapplied.

Unable to reach time server

The Innovyze License Administrator (ILA) will check a time service verify connectivity to validate computer time. This warning will not prevent license activation, however, if the time of the computer and Sentinel EMS is greater than 15 minutes off, the time tampering errors could occur.  Please refer to the deployment to specify network time servers is XXX and XXX are not reachable.

Unable to start RMS Service

Check that all services for Thales ILA are running. Close and re-launch ILA with explicit admin privilege. Verify that the antivirus is not conflicting with the ILA. 

There are known conflicts with other license managers using Sentinel RMS Utilities. Please contact those vendors to acquire updated RMS versions. The other license manager's need to be using Sentinel RMS 9.8.1 or later in order to support multiple vendors using the same service. If you see previous versions installed like in the screenshot below, this is the problem.

Refer to the page Multiple Vendors using Thales RMS Licensing for further information.

Insufficient privilege

This error can occur even if you are logged in as administrator on the server. Close ILA and re-launch with explicit admin privilege.


Maximum station count reached. The number of fixed license activations left is zero.


Failed to resolve the server host. Host Name: “XXXXX”

Validate that the Host service is visible or accessible. 


System clock of license machine has been tampered. This is incompatible with current license.


Operating in standalone mode using a terminal client is not allowed by the vendor.


License start date not yet reached.


Running a license via remote desktop session is not allowed.


The feature cannot run anymore because the license expiration date has reached. Make sure that your machine date and time zone are correct. 

If this is a floating host, verify that the "Sentinel Cloud Plugin Service For innovyzeltd' and " Sentinel RMS License manager" services are running.  

Verify that the System Requirements are met, and that the ILA can reach the internet.

Sentinel LDK Protection System

Sentinel key not found (H0007)

If this error occurs upon launching the ILA, it is likely caused by a conflict from another license manager on the server that is running older Sentinel services.

Refer to Multiple Vendors using Thales RMS Licensing for the resolution.