Innovyze License Administrator ILA

For Floating (Network) licenses, it is possible to commute a seat from the server/host machine to the local machine. 

To borrow a floating license to the local machine

In order to use a floating license, when disconnected from the network in which the license manager resides, follow the instructions below:

Warning: Commuting a license will lock the license to your local machine until manually returned or the specified date is reached. It is not intended for daily use or on a Virtual OS.

In ILA 1.14, a warning will occur  to alert the users that commuting a license to a virtual machine is not a supported workflow, allowing a user to cancel a commute that could render a license unusable for the commuted time frame.

  1. Select a date that the floating license can be borrowed until. This is the date that the borrowed floating license will be automatically returned on and its default is seven days from the current date (to a maximum of 30 days).
  2. Select the product that is to be borrowed by clicking its name within the list (e.g., InfoDrainage).
  3. Click the Commute button and the license will be borrowed to the local machine after a period time. A commuting status message will be shown under the list of products while the commute is in progress. The borrowed license will only be available on the local machine for the duration of the selected period and reduces the number of available licenses from the network license manager for the duration. 

To return a borrowed license early

In order to return a borrowed floating license early, ensure that the machine with the borrowed license is connected to the network which it borrowed the license from, and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Local server in the list of servers available.
  2. Select the product that is to be returned early by clicking its name within the list (e.g., InfoDrainage).
  3. Click the Return button and the license will be returned to the server it was borrowed from. This allows this license to be used again within the network.

Note that if a commuted license is not returned prior to expiry, the license host will regain the occupied seat and the expired commuted license will no longer appear on the end user machine.